NEET 2017 : Admission Quota 15%& 85%

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NEET 2017 : Admission Quota 15%& 85%

NEET 2017 Results have already published after supreme court order to CBSE. Now NEET 2017 is going to start counselling from 3rd July 2017 for 15% quota of Central Government. Some States have raised the voice regarding difficult questions of NEET 2017 in other nine languages. State Government have demanded for uniform standard of questions. NEET 2017 has conducted the examination on controversial situation. SIT and ATS have arrested some education mafia on issue of question leak of NEET 2017.

Tamil Nadu Government has taken a bold step on 85% quota for Tamil Board students through NEET 2017. Students of Tamil Nadu School welcome the step of Tamil Government. Tamil Nadu students express that Poor and medium Class family background students read in Government Public Schools. High Class and top family background students read in CBSE and ICSE. Students of Tamil frankly express that students who secured 60% marks in Tamil Board is equivalent to 85% to CBSE & ICSE.

TN’s Health Minister C Vijayabaskar announced in the Tamil Nadu Assembly that 85 per cent of medical seats under the state quota would be kept aside for students who had pursued higher secondary education under the state board and the admission to these seats would be based on national level NEET scores. This apportionment will apply only to the state quota after excluding the all India quota of 15 per cent.

Now it is time of examination of all states politician to look this formula of Tamil Nadu and same formula may used in own states. This is way to promote own state board because most of students come from rural and semi urban places. UP Government already full filled 100 days of Government. There is required to introduced same formula of Tamil Nadu for 85% quota of Neet 2017. Bihar,West Bengal and MP may used Tamil Nadu formula on 85% quota for State Board students.

All States Chief Ministers think on issue and follow the formula of Tamil Nadu Government. All States must think own State Board students.



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