BJP Downfall Started 2017-18

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BJP Downfall Started 2017-18

People of India have given absolute majority to BJP in Center and major states. But BJP leaders have ignored the voice of general public. There is following points for downfall.

  1. BJP has not looked the grievances of Kisan. When Kisan started agitation, BJP Government have suppressed by Bullet firing and lathicharge in some states.
  2. BJP Government ensured to provide the employment two crores every year. But BJP has provided one lakh thirty thousand employment in three years tenure.
  3. BJP used the formula of “Divide and Rule” on religion, cast and creeds.
  4. BJP arrange to protect corrupt person by imposing the rule. Just Rajasthan Government ready to introduce the rule.
  5. BJP misused the power of CBI, ED and IT. By this organization, BJP try to control on TV media, Print Media, Social Media, and Civil Administration.
  6. Educated Youth are frustrated due to high corruption in employment. BJP protected question leak mafia and education mafia.
  7. Arbitrary snatching the land from farmers and suppressed the voice of general public.
  8. Demonetization and GST. Due to this reason small business men closed the shops and unemployment increased.
  9. High fees of school and colleges. There is no control on fees. Pay ten lakh fees for doing courses and join private service Rs 5000/- to Rs 8000/-.
  10. No Control on Price rise.

Corruption increased in BJP Government. BJP starts internal war on Hindu and Muslim by using hate speeches. Indian People are not stupid. Englishman used the formula “Divide and rule”. But Englishman had not succeeded in aim. This is drawback of BJP. People of India are watching the works. Change of Name is not work. People of India have appointed to all leaders to do this work for nation. Even People of India gives payments to leaders. But leaders think that I am owner of India. Owner is general public of India.

Young youth of Gujarat now annoyed due to false dream of BJP. Just N. Siwani and Naresh Patel resigned from BJP. Even Hardik Patel is already fighting. Now there is tough fighting between BJP and congress in Gujarat.

In every state youth are annoyed by BJP. What is reason? BJP has given false promise to youth on employment issue. No control on hike of fees of school and colleges. Favour to education mafia and open hand to government recruitment agencies to manipulation in competitive exam. Just BPSC has published PT results. Previous year BPSC had selected about 28000 candidates in Prelims results. But this year BPSC has selected 8282 candidates in Prelims. Even BPSC has applied 35% reservation to female and put fifth defective option in question answer of Prelim exam. Fifth option is defective answer according to objective type of examination. This type of question answer in each questions reflected that question setter is not confirmed on any question and answer. In most competitive examination, Question setter used All are Correct,1& 2 Correct, Both 1 and 2,Neither 1 nor 2, None of the above, All of the above etc in five and ten questions but never put in all questions. BPSC has fifth defective option “None of the above/More than one of the above”. “None of the Above” and “More than one of the Above” are clubbed in single fifth option in all questions. This is method to apply in BJP government. Without given any information fifth optional key put in each 150 questions. Just Rajasthan PSC has added fifth option without information to candidates. After intervention of court Rajasthan PSC has cancelled the examination. But Nitish Kumar Chief Minister of Bihar has no time to look the problem of youth. All leaders are busy to display false dream.

Two people death in Jharkand due to Hunger but Government has denied on issue. Most of states People are annoyed due to defective and hasty decision. Read the Hanuman chalisa at Taj Mahal or Read Koran in Hanuman Mandir has not solved the problem of poor. Hunger people are not able to worship but arrange bread for family.

Youth has favored to BJP three years ago but now youth are frustrated due poor policy of BJP Government. BJP apex leaders think on issue and review some decision. It is not long run policy to win the election on sweet speeches or divide Hindu and Muslim.

Now BJP downfall begin from Gujarat and every state youth will be opposed the defective policy.


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