Bihar Lota Education Policy 2017

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Bihar Lota Education Policy 2017

Bihar Education System is mockery of decision of political leaders. Primary school books have not supplied in Government schools but education department has conducted half yearly examination without books. It is process of development of education system in Bihar. Due to poor percentage of marks in Bihar School Examination Board, BSEB has changed the question pattern. BSEB has released model questions of class 10th and 12th. But there are lots of error in questions. Bihar Government has examined the merit of Bihar students or examined the merit of question setters. It is not done in schools and colleges exam but it is done in BPSC and BSSC examinations. Just after finish the examination of BPSC PT Exam 2017, candidates have lodged the protest on issue of fifth optional. Candidates express that BPSC has not informed to candidates on changing of question modality. Fifth option is defective answer according to objective type of examination. This type of question answer in each questions reflected that question setter is not confirmed on any question and answer. In most competitive examination, Question setter used All are Correct,1& 2 Correct, Both 1 and 2,Neither 1 nor 2, None of the above, All of the above etc in five and ten questions but never put in all questions. BPSC has fifth defective option “None of the above/More than one of the above”. “None of the Above” and “More than one of the Above” are clubbed in single fifth option in all questions. It is not used in any objective type examination in India except Bihar. This is way to develop the education system in Bihar.

Just news flash in Bihar state market that Bihar Government has instructed to school teachers regarding Lota checking along with taking photograph. Just Toilet scams come in light in Bihar. There are total 36 percent toilets in Bihar. Sixty four percent used toilet in open field. Bihar Government is not serious for scams but divert the issue through instruction of teachers. JDU and BJP leaders want to examine the size of poor people of Bihar after taking photograph. Education Minister of Bihar express that teachers will be caught the persons who use in open toilet in field and snap the photograph? This is thinking of education minister of Bihar. TV channel has exposed to Bihar Government on Toilets scams. How much Nitish Government is serious on education system?

Nitish Kumar express that “ Bihar Ko Pir Gyan Ki Bhumi Banagay”. This is method to develop the education system in Bihar. Even Nitish Kumar is unsuccessful to provide employment to Bihar students. Question leak, manipulation in examination, manipulation before releasing the results etc are deep rooted developing in Bihar. Above than three and four years to complete a cycle of recruitment but recruitment agencies released the advertisement without clearing previous examination. No doubt BJP and JDU are against providing the employment to youth in every state. Due to this youth are against the policy of BJP and JDU. In time Gujarat youth are fighting against BJP due to said reason. Now it will be developed in all states. Previous year BPSC had qualified about 28000 candidates in PT Exam but this year it is drastic change the policy and declared 8282 candidates in PT exam. Even Nitish Kumar Government has taken step to curtail the opportunity to candidates for main examination. It will be easy to manipulate in main BPSC examination due to less of candidates. This is motto of Bihar Government. Nitish Kumar has not received the correct message regarding BPSC, BSSC and education system issues. There are required to change the messengers for the correct news. Otherwise Nitish Kumar will be faced problem in next election.

No doubt the image of Nitish Kumar was very high in eyes of educated youth of Bihar. But in time image of Nitish Kumar is going to down due to scam, Lota instruction to teachers, question leak, error in question setting and manipulation in examination results by recruitment agencies.


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