Biryani Politics At JNU

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Biryani Politics At JNU

Standard of politics are deteriorating day to day. Who is responsible State or Center? In time top leaders used this tools for divert the attention to youth because Government is not able to provide the employment to educated youth. One JNU students Union claim that simple biryani has cooked in the campus and other JNU students Union has framed the charges of beef biryani. Political leaders try to divide the youth on this issue. If educated youth involves in the issue, youth will not be demanded for employment.

JNU students have not raised the demand of high fees in school and colleges, question leak in competitive exam, manipulation in competitive exam, reduced the vacancies in various sectors, college run without proper ratio of teachers etc.

Biryani issue helps to political leaders. But it is not help to general youth of India. TV Channel has taken priority basis on Biryani. But TV Channel has not broadcast of BPSC issue. BPSC has published Prelims Results 2017. BPSC has declared 8282 candidates successful in Prelims exam. Previous year BPSC had released about 28000 candidates.TV channel has not covered the news regarding drastic reduce the opportunity to educated youth by BPSC. Just after finish the examination of BPSC PT Exam 2017, candidates have lodged the protest on issue of fifth optional. Candidates express that BPSC has not informed to candidates on changing of question modality. Fifth option is defective answer according to objective type of examination. This type of question answer in each questions reflected that question setter is not confirmed on any question and answer. In most competitive examination, Question setter used All are Correct,1& 2 Correct, Both 1 and 2,Neither 1 nor 2, None of the above, All of the above etc in five and ten questions but never put in all questions. BPSC has fifth defective option “None of the above/More than one of the above”. “None of the Above” and “More than one of the Above” are clubbed in single fifth option in all questions. It is not used in any objective type examination in India except Bihar. Candidates expressed that it is added defective fifth option for manipulation of answer key on sweet will of question setter/BPSC official.

Youth may think on both issues. Which is important issues Biryani or BPSC? This is simple example. JNU student unions have not cared on the issue of employment but raise the pity issue. Biryani is not important issue. General Public ignores this issue. It is show your poor thinking of JNU students. JNU students may debate on higher issue. These types of topic reflect your poor thinking of JNU students.

TV Channel is now Biryani TV who covered this issue. This is standard of TV Channel.


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