Hitech Cheating In UPSC Main Exam 2017

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Hitech Cheating In UPSC Main Exam 2017

Are you surprise to know the news? There is no question of surprise. Our portal every time try to aware to candidates and government recruitment agencies on hitech cheating in various examination. Now mafia already knock the door of UPSC. There is required to alert to UPSC. Because there is easy task to hitech cheating from Prelims exam. Why UPSC Prelims Cut off enhance year to year? UPSC may think on issue and tight the system. It is not done in UPSC Prelims Exam but it is done in UPSC Main Exam 2017.

An IPS officer Safeer Karim from Hyderabad is red-handedly caught cheating in this exam, this happened at Chennai on Monday.He used a micro camera mounted on his chest.The camera would scan the paper and send through Google drive to the intended recipient, in this case, his wife Joicy Joyce who was in the hometown. His wife would give the answer orally, which would reach him through Bluetooth. Due to loud voice investigator has cached the person. Mostly investigator thinks that it is very high level examination of UPSC. Candidates never use any unfair means in the said examination. But this type thinking display a case to rethink on conducting Prelims and Main examination.

Karim was actually serving as additional superintendent of police in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district. Karim and Joyce are from Kerala. He was selected for IPS in 2015 and underwent training at the Sardar Vallabbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad. He was assigned to Tamil Nadu cadre. Master mind DR. P.Rambabu,Director of La Excellence IAS Study Circle name is floating in market. It will be cleared after proper inquiry and investigation.

UPSC authority may open the eye from Prelims and Main examination. UPSC is not lower class government recruitment agency but it is apex recruitment agency. Forthcoming examination of Prelims and Main,UPSC may take special care before conducting the examination. Increase of High percentage of marks in Prelims or Main is sign of some hi-tech cheating in examination. Because the questions of UPSC is not easy to secure very high marks.

Think on issue and wait for inquiry and investigation. Even wait the step of UPSC


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